Remarkable Local America: Hospice of Northwest Michigan

“Local friends and neighbors serving local friends and neighbors,” – this is the essence of what Hospice of Northwest Michigan is all about. A small, but mighty organization, they have been serving their community for over 43 years, partnering with local health departments to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to individuals and their families during and following life-limiting illness.


In 2015 Hospice of Northwest Michigan began thinking about taking a new approach toward giving. How could they tap into the valuable giving potential of their local community? In the end, Hospice of Northwest Michigan decided to give back by supporting other organizations in their own community with the time and resources they had, in lieu of asking for their own support. They did so through Give Local America. We have all heard that giving is better than receiving, and sometimes you see a return even when it’s unexpected.


By going out in the community, participating in Give Local America events and having the opportunity to educate others on their mission, Hospice of Northwest Michigan exceeded their donation expectations.

“This [strategy] was wonderful for our organization as it increased our exposure in the community and showed us to be a true community collaborator and partner,” said Amy Wieland, executive director at Hospice of Northwest Michigan. “Doing so increased donations and support for our organization almost immediately.”


Give Local America has proven to help organizations acquire new donors, and it seems that when it came to end of year results, Hospice of Northwest Michigan’s ongoing efforts paid off.

The proof of their fundraising success is the the pudding: They saw a 45% increase in total donations in 2015 as well as a patient census increase of 53%.

“This will always be a part of how we serve our community,” Wieland says, “by making life moments happen.”

In addition to helping nonprofits raise more funds, Give Local America also helps organizations grow relationships within the communities they belong to. Whether you are a large or small organization, or if your goal is raise money, grow your visibility or to simple give back like Hospice of Northwest Michigan did, Give Local America makes that possible.


Hospice of Northwest Michigan’s goals are to assist with safe and comfortable dying, self-determined life-closure and healthy grieving over the loss of loved ones.

The key to their success? Drawing on an interdisciplinary team that collaborates with the individual, the family and the physician to determine the appropriate care needed for the afflicted individual and how that care will be delivered.

“The hospice program exists in the hope and belief that through appropriate care, and the promotion of a caring community, sensitive to the needs that individuals, families and significant others may be free to attain a degree of preparation for death, results in quality of life when quantity is limited,” said Wieland.

Find out more about Hospice of Northwest Michigan and what they do here.