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Remarkable Local America: The Doctor Yum Project


The Doctor Yum Project began in 2011 when Pediatrician Nimali Fernando MD, MPH, saw obesity growing at an alarming rate in her community.What began as a simple blog aimed at teaching parents and their children how to make healthier food choices, soon grew into a community movement that bridged the gap between good food and… Read more »

Remarkable Local America: Hospice of Northwest Michigan


“Local friends and neighbors serving local friends and neighbors,” – this is the essence of what Hospice of Northwest Michigan is all about. A small, but mighty organization, they have been serving their community for over 43 years, partnering with local health departments to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to individuals and their families… Read more »

Remarkable Local America: The Coffee Oasis


An “oasis” is defined as something that provides refuge, relief or a pleasant contrast to its surrounding environment. The Coffee Oasis of Bremerton, WA is providing just that – a safe-haven where at-risk youth can freely participate in compassionate programs amidst the sweet aroma that is direct-trade java.Dave and Cindy Frederick originally founded the coffee… Read more »

Remarkable Local America: Big Sky Bird Rescue

Bird Sky Rescue

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” By the looks of how Big Sky Bird Rescue is caring for wild birds, we’d say the community of Bozeman, Montana is doing just fine.Whether orphaned, suffering from illness or critically injured, Big Sky Bird Rescue… Read more »

Remarkable Local America: Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club

Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club 1

Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club at Lincoln House has been serving the community since 1903 by providing a safe and caring environment that will inspire and enable all young people to realize their full potential as productive and responsible citizens. The Club serves more than 600 youths, ages six to 18, in the Glen Cove… Read more »